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In my spare time I'm the proud co-organizer of the Montreal Girl Geeks and have been known to rock a moustache when campaigning for Movember.

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Unique And Season Friendly Promenade Clothes

February 23rd, 2014 by dimitry received Comments Off

Unique And Season Friendly Promenade Clothes

This year has seen a break from the normal so far as occasion cocktail dresses are considered. Dad and mom are getting these days a lift from many mother and father in online dialogue boards, blogs who dressed their girls in easy, elegant clothes that swimsuit her look and age. Huge forms of cute short cocktail attire obtainable on this site more than any of the online purchasing sites; you can find exclusive provides and discounts on the time of any big day. There are a number of designers which might be designing floor size promenade attire for teenage girls which can be keeping modesty in thoughts. Beads, bows and sequins are all accessible to decide so as to add the fabulousness to your promenade dress, within the meantime to focus on your physique figure.

You’ll find a wide selection of shapes and sizes in the hottest colours and looks in your special night. Mother and father should be conscious that it’s not reasonable to purchase costly clothes for their little woman for every dance as a result of teenage ladies have one rule with regards to carrying attire. Though they are much less formal than the actual wedding ceremony costume, reception gowns with long sleeves are almost always extra formal than short clothes. Designer evening Attire are intended to be worn completely for unique occasions organized only at night. The concept of our on-line world buying is absolutely growing tremendously because of the remarkable and fabrics used within the wholesale clothes.

And the lace that you will discover in these attire is basically comprised of satin or a glance alike of satin so as to add that particular touch of vibrancy within the gown. The blue of the ocean, navy blue, turquoise blue ink are just a few fashionable blues that go completely with the elegant angle of a prom agent. When a girl opens the online costume store then, she will be able to see the recent and new collection. Promenade season comes around each spring, and within the weeks to follow, costs are slashed on every shade and style of dress conceivable.

Clearly you could buy a couple of good high quality prom dresses to your wardrobe, but here is the rub. http://www.ohhmylove.com/wedding-party-dresses/bridesmaid-dresses.html You additionally need to decide on a web based retailer that assures you for delivering the quality made, stylish and cheap brief prom attire. To create your short size bridal dress in look most stylish and discount Wedding dresses unique you need to store from the retailers the place you could find superb customized wedding dresses.

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BORN Green Technologies

January 29th, 2014 by dimitry received Comments Off

Where To Purchase Full Front Lace Wigs Without ScamTop Lace Front Wigs Blog

Wigs for most cancers sufferers are manufactured for changing original hair cheap Lace Wigs that has been misplaced due to intake of medicine and chemical remedy that cancer patients must bear. French lace however is okay and can’t be detected too but is way stronger than the Swiss lace. The lace can be dyed to match your precise pores and skin tone so that the lace entrance wigs appear and mix much more naturally. Whenever you buy one of the lace entrance wigs, it’s a must to make sure that the cap is a good match.

There isn’t any actual approach to keep away from sealing the knots unless you do not mind paying another person to repair your full lace human hair wigs in the close to future by changing all the hair that shed.

Wigs come in all shapes and kinds – from very quick to 30 inches long, in straight, curly, wavy, braided, layered, spiky or the moist look. A quality girls’s wig crafted from human hair isn’t going to come low-cost and can need a number of regular http://www.alicewigs.com/ upkeep. Additional work stress results in numerous pressure which might additionally lead to thinning hair.

Nonetheless, if the lace front/full lace is too small, the wearer may probably glue the wig to their precise hairline, thus making it tough to avoid pulling the natural hair out when eradicating the piece.

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New Adventures in Startupland

October 23rd, 2013 by Liesl received 2 Comments »

Last Friday I didn’t do something I’ve done religiously every week for years.

I didn’t submit a timesheet.

This seemingly slight change in my routine is synecdochic for a bigger shift in my career, and inspired me to post for the first time in far too long on this dusty personal blog (it’s not you, WordPress, it’s me) to put my billable boots aside for now, wrap my head around a new chapter in my career, and hang my hat in a SaaSsy new spot.

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Blasts from the Past: Epic Emails 1

May 21st, 2011 by Liesl received Comments Off
Bigfoot on a Laptop

When I searched on iStock for "email" and "silly," Bigfoot on a Laptop came up. How could I resist?

Every now and then a friend points me to some massive missive I wrote them ages ago and waxes nostalgic or ironic about its contents. It seems I’ve written some pretty epic emails, a few of them practically have LOTR-style soundtracks.

Most recently, I was served up a beast from 2005 wherein I let off a little post-MA job hunting steam with a silly list of faux employment priorities. Given where I am in my career now, I thought it was hilarious to read what 2005 Liesl was jokingly looking for in her first “real” job.

Excerpted below in order of importance:

1. Kitsch Value.
No joke, I actually just applied for a proofreading position for Harlequin romances. My interview preparation will consist solely of earmarking the words “bosom” and “shaft” in my thesaurus.

2. Vacation Time.
“How much vacation time will I get?” is the very first question I ask in an interview. Answer usually generates prolonged sulk and desire to move to Europe.

3. Location
Namely proximity of work place to bouncy castles and/or derelict warehouses. A busy gal’s gotta get firearm practice in somehow.

4. Sexual Harassment Policy
Preferably weak to non-existent.

5. Dress Code
Ultra-casual: if I can’t wear My Little Pony flannel PJs to work, I’m not interested. Also, crossing my fingers for “Naked Fridays” (see item 4 above.)

6. Free Indoor Parking
I may not own a car, and I can’t even drive, but I need underground parking for illegal solicitation, loitering and shady political dealings.

7. Flexibility
Management that won’t complain when I decide to upgrade my cubicle to a hot tub with built-in entertainment unit and mini-trampoline (also, if there’s space, a sliding desk).

8. Salary
I refuse to accept anything that is not paid to me in cash, in a brown paper bag.

9. Benefits
I refuse to accept benefits that do not fit in a brown paper bag.

10. Office Supplies
Infinite stock of company branded brown paper bags.

…and then I go on to bemoan the dehumanizing experience of unemployment and drift into an in-depth study of the idiosyncratic germophobia and karaoke obsession of my then-roommate in Toronto.

It’s neat that there’s this prolonged period during which emails to friends are the best chronicle of my life. But now with social media, I’m not doing as much of the one-to-one longform messages. There are plus and down sides to this I suppose, but regardless (and as the period between my last blog post and this would not-so-subtly suggest) I know that I need to get back to some more writing.

Oh, I never did get an interview at Harlequin, but thanks to Roget I still know plenty of synonyms for “bosom.”

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