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I'm a digital marketer, writer/editor, misanthropic socialite and self-proclaimed Facebook statustician.

As co-founder of Third Wunder, a digital marketing agency based in Montreal, I tackle projects, builds and campaigns for our clients.

In my spare time I'm the proud co-organizer of the Montreal Girl Geeks and have been known to rock a moustache when campaigning for Movember.

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Archive for October, 2010

iStock Comedy 3: The Battle of Geddes-burg

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

It’s getting colder and darker, which can only mean it’s time for a little more iStock Comedy! You’ve voted on quite a few bizarre images in Vote for iStock Comedy & iStock Comedy 2: Royalty-free Revenge, but this time round I thought it’d be fun to tackle a theme. So in this third instalment, I’m […]