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Content Management Systems That Go Places

December 3rd, 2009 by Liesl received 3 Comments »

CMS Watch's 2010 Content Tenchology Vendor Map

CMS-Watch recently published a neat document they call the 2010 Content Technology Vendor Map. It gives a quick overview of just how many options are out there, and reinforces the message that the purpose, nature and content of your project should drive which CMS you choose. Too often, companies are locked in to a system that does not adequately suit their needs or one that is far too complex, leading to feature shock. With hundreds of options out there it can be difficult to figure out which one(s) are up to the task. And that’s before you start debating Open Source vs. proprietary…

Luckily, the strengths and weaknesses of different solutions are getting more and more coverage, making it easier to choose the right one to meet project goals. All it takes is a little patience, some research and a roadmap and you’re on your way…

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Posted under: Content Management Systems (CMS), Project Management, Web Development

3 Responses to “Content Management Systems That Go Places”

  1. Brian Clark says:

    I’m a pretty humble person, but I was happy to find that I recognized and have used quite a few of the programs listed on that map.

    The map really speaks to why businesses deciding on a CMS really need to create a complete plan before embarking on testing or finding a consultant to help them decide. Clear goals, timelines, and a solid budget are absolute necessities.

    No matter what CMS you choose, you’re always going to find issues with it later, be they technical or aesthetic. Nothing is ever perfect given enough time. But if preparing manageable goals and timelines is done beforehand, businesses will also be able to find a CMS that is malleable enough to work with future changes.

    (I’m printing this out by the way. :) Good catch.

  2. admin says:

    Brian: I’m jealous! Working with a proprietary platform means that I only get to check out other solutions every now and then… That’s partly why I’m using WordPress for this blog and why I use Squarespace for my theatre site. I also love using different platforms and getting a feel for their strengths & weaknesses.

    I think you’re spot on regarding how companies should proceed. Too often they choose proposals based solely on the budget or the development house (both are important, of course), when they should also bear in mind the CMS/CRM that vendor will use to build their site.

    For example, if an open source platform is used, it might leave the door open for the company to hire contractual or full-time developers of their own in the future to roll out new features. However, it will mean taking on a QA and PM burden as well, which has to be factored in…

    It is true that no CMS is perfect, but the worst situation is to end up with one that never (or rarely) gets used. Sometimes it’s due to poor usability (engineers can build some pretty scary UI), sometimes because online content is not prioritized highly enough. But the key is to see them as we in the web business do: a means to an end. Only then can the causal relationship between a site’s purpose and functionality be adequately assessed.

    BTW, if you liked that, check out: http://informationarchitects.jp/wtm4/

    And XKCD sells poster versions of two popular comics/maps- Online Communities & Map of the Internet: http://store.xkcd.com/

  3. Mel says:

    This is truly fantastic Thank you for making this available :)